Record keeping is an essential part of high quality care. We create bespoke, streamlined documentation that meets the needs of both your team and your clients. All our records will comply with the stringent standards required by regulators & commissioners.

STAR Medication understands that record keeping is an essential part of quality care in the 21st century, but also recognises that many people see record keeping as a necessary evil. We can develop easy to use documentation for your service that will be invaluable in informing care plans and client reviews. Tracking changes to people’s medicines will be simple and you will be able to share information quickly and easily with other healthcare professionals involved in caring for those you support.

STAR Medication can develop bespoke records in all areas of medicines management including:

  • Stock control
  • Ordering, receipt and disposal of medicines
  • Administration of medicines
  • Administration of topical medicines (creams etc)
  • Changes to medication treatment regimes
  • Use of ‘when required’ (PRN) medicines
  • Controlled drugs and End of Life medicines
  • Person centred planning
  • Management of pain
  • Management of challenging behaviour
  • Supporting people to look after their own medicines
  • Covert medication
  • Communication with other healthcare professionals
  • Provision of medication for administration away from the home
  • Managing staff training
  • Daily checks